Feature Film: Voices of the Forest




Fantasy | Horror

Director: Jorge Olguin
Writers: Carolina Garcia and Jorge Olguin
Executive Producer: Steven Saxton

Fernanda Urrejola – Actress
Tiago Correa – Cristian
Felipe Contreras – Actor
Will Edgar – Actor


Voices of the Forest details the story of a girl who meets mystical creatures in a forest and works with them to prevent her father’s development company from building a dam and destroying their delicate home.


Chilean 3D Fantasy, Voices of the Forest

Feature from acclaimed Chilean director Jorge Olguin launches production in May

Joining forces with acclaimed Chilean horror/fantasy director Jorge Olguin and Chilean production company VisualBox Chile to produce the first live-action 3D feature film to be made in Chile—VOICES OF THE FOREST. Olguin is widely popular in Latin American following successes with a series of Spanish-language fantasy films in recent years, including the acclaimed 2002 vampire film, Eternal Blood. Voices of the Forest will be his first English-language film.

Latin TV stars Cristian Campos, Loreto Aravena, and Sofia Kaufmann have signed up to star in the picture. HS executives will handle producing duties with Steven Saxton, as Executive Producer. VisualBox Chile is providing 3D camera rigs and the post-production infrastructure for the project, allowing it to be shot locally in Latin America on a modest budget.

Olguin expects to begin filming Voices of the Forest in late May as his first English-language feature film. The movie will be shot on the site of real-life ecological battles in the Arauco region of Chile.