Original Sci-Fi Film ‘Phoenix’ Enters Development

Los Angeles (12/18/15) – Written by TJ O’Donnell, Phoenix tells the story of a ship, which holds hundreds of innocent people, as it leaves a ravaged and barren earth for their new home. When they discover the planet is no longer habitable they are greeted by another mysterious ship from an already successful foreign planet, though the new ship’s motives in meeting them are all but clear.

Hollywood Studios is proud to announce its newest Creative Executive, Mr. O’Donnell making his writing debut in his original Sci-Fi film Phoenix with Hollywood Studios CEO, Steven Saxton signing on as Producer.

Mr. O’Donnell attended Cal State Fullerton with his focus on the writing aspect of the film industry and graduated with a BA in Film/TV and a Minor in Computer Science and has worked with Mr. Saxton at Hollywood Studios for over three years.

Mr. Saxton has executive produced or co-financed over 42 films which have raised $1.6+ Billion at the worldwide box office including Lone Survivor, 2 Guns, The Kids Are All Right, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and with Bruce Willis films Extraction and Precious Cargo currently in post-production.

Hollywood Studios, founded by Sir Steven Saxton, is a media holding company focused on the intelligent deployment of capital in the entertainment industry. The company has developed a portfolio of fee-based businesses.

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